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Apprentice Testimonials

Testimonials from our apprentices in training.

I’m on a resourcing apprenticeship and have been for just over five months and I’m very impressed with my course and tutor Chloe. Everything is explained perfectly and due to this I am ahead and feel comfortable I will finish my apprenticeship on time.
My tutor has been amazing and pretty much contactable 24/7 which has been great and all my work completed has been marked within a day so I am aware of any changes I need to make/what I have done well.
100% recommend Davidson Training, I have learnt so much in such a short space of time.

Maya Holmes

Recruitment Resourcer for a Recruitment Agency based in Norwich

Anne-Marie did an excellent job in helping me with my apprenticeship, right to the final day she was always willing to help. For this I am hugely grateful – hard work pays off when you have someone there who believes in you.
She has changed me from being a shy person to now I believe in myself a lot more. Right to the final day she was easily approachable and gave me that motivation talk you sometimes need before going into assessments when you feel that your nerves are getting the better of you.
This apprenticeship has been a massive success, I am extremely happy that I did push myself to do this apprenticeship and it is sure something that I will take with me for whatever I decide to do in the future.
It has been a pleasure throughout the year!!!

Daniel Morgan

Business Administrator Apprenticeship in a solicitors

I applied for university and was offered places but personally I am someone who gains the most from learning on the job, so I felt an apprenticeship would be my best option so I could then progress to do further education through my work.
I have learnt many skills along the way, including regulations within a law firm and how different areas of the law work
I am aiming to complete my CILEx training and qualify as a Chartered Legal Executive (I think realistically this will take me around 5-6 years). I may then decide to do the 2-year LPC to qualify as a solicitor but that all depends upon my circumstances when that time comes.
I would have gone to university and I would now be in my second year. Instead of being employed and working my way up to my goal job doing a good course and gaining experience along the way, I would probably be dreading the upcoming year where I needed to start job hunting and not have an awful lot of experience to write on my CV!
I would recommend an apprenticeship and I would urge anyone contemplating their options to seriously consider an apprenticeship. I feel like a lot of people do not realise how many doors it opens.

Katie Lane

Business Administrator Apprenticeship in a solicitors

I felt like I had to go and do an apprenticeship during my time at college if I were to progress further with regards to my career as I did not enjoy college. And I believe the best decision for me to make was to find this apprenticeship. It has helped me to recognise and develop my academic abilities in the broader working world. I would not have been able to gain experience through college.
I was offered a university position, but I did not think the path to university would suit me an apprenticeship enabled me to learn and gain experience in the working environment.
When it comes to implementing transferable skills, an apprenticeship is a fantastic opportunity, it also gives you the best chance to grow while on the job, increase real life experience, learn from highly skilled colleagues, and become completely qualified.

Adeel Sikander

Business Administrator Apprenticeship in an Estate Agents

After leaving school I decided to go straight into an apprenticeship rather than to college. I thought getting the hands-on experience as well as the Level 3 Business Admin knowledge was the best path for me to take. Coming into the office I was nervous as I had no previous experience in any workplace, however my colleagues and the staff at Davidson were welcoming and easy to get along with. Chloe, my assigned trainer, allowed me a couple days to get settled in before coming and inducting me and running through how my course would work. Things that I would learn throughout my 12-month course consisted of: Policies, Procedures and Regulations; How to manage and organise my work and time; Organisation and management techniques; Behaviours within the workplace; Communication skills; Business departments and how they work as one; Different types of business’ and how they operate; Key business terms and financial terms; British Values.
All these topics come together and set me up perfectly for a career in any office-based job; The course not only widened my knowledge on how a business runs from start to finish but bettered me as a person and gave me all the professional knowledge I need to fit in to a workplace. I am currently training as a Junior Quantity Surveyor 2 years on at the same company, using the course knowledge on a day-to-day basis. I enjoyed my time learning with Davidson and would recommend it to anyone looking to pursue a career in an office-based job.

Sam Battie

Business Administrator in a Waste Management company

Over the year my apprenticeship has helped me learn and grow into my job role.  Davidson Training has given me the help and support that I need to successfully complete my qualification.  Apprenticeships can be scary to begin with but my tutor Chloe has been there to support me and give me the tools to help me succeed.

Michaela Horton

Business Administrator Apprenticeship in an Estate Agents

During the course of my apprenticeship my mentor Mandy went above and beyond to help me achieve the best I could. She was always available to help me especially throughout the last few weeks leading up to my final exam. My most recent exam that I completed I achieved a distinction which would not have been possible without the help of Mandy.

Megan Taylor

Customer Service Practitioner/Retailer in a convenience store

Mandy was very helpful and supportive throughout my course. Whenever I would be unsure about something she would always make sure I fully understood and gave me the best advice when leading up to my final exam. We would meet regularly, and she would make sure I am on target with my work. Mandy was a big part of my course and I could not have passed it without her help.

Kelsey Osbon

Business Administrator within a leading energy, services, and regeneration company

I have been working with Davidson Training for half a year now and I am really enjoying it, I think the people there are lovely and treat you like a friend. When I am on a call with my apprentice teacher, I never feel like I am being forced to be there or that I am in another boring lesson, I just feel like I am having a chat up with my friend while discussing the work set.

Cerys Gibbinson

Business administrator in a bespoke hardware to architectural ironmongers, merchants, manufacturers and fabricators.

When studying Management and leadership I learnt so much in training; when I went into banking my confidence was so low because I did not know if my working skills was enough until I started doing my studying. When doing this course, I learnt a lot about working as a team and as an individual to achieve certain targets that are set. Being able to learn different coaching styles and how to manage task really made things easy.
I would not have been able to do this without Mandy; she was a great help to work with. I do not normally work well with people I do not know or meeting for the first time, with Mandy, she made me feel so welcomed and at ease. Mandy was a pleasure to work with she really helped me over the year especially and Mandy was there by my side helping me each way. I am thankful for having the chance to study and to learn with Mandy.

Chelsea Milton

Team Leader in a Community Credit Union

When studying Team leader or supervisor Level 3 it was very helpful in me gaining the experience and knowledge to lead and supervise my team independently.
My tutor Mandy supporting me throughout the journey. There was constructive feedback that was given throughout the course with zoom calls in regard to helping my development and making sure that I’m on track.
With this qualification I am now able to chair a meeting independently.
I am also able to create a staff plan to help develop their weakness and ensure their confidence is maintained and their progress and goals are achieved.
This is a group course for someone who is looking to develop their career further with the help of my trainer Mandeep I was able to achieve my goals.

Ryan La Croix

Team Leader in a Community Credit Union

I have had a great experience doing this apprenticeship. My tutor Chloe was a great support. She made my learning journey very smooth. Helped and guided me whenever I was stuck. She was very prompt in answering all my queries, explained and clarified all my doubts. I am pleased with the way this course has increase my knowledge and help me improve my skills.

Ridhima Kapoor

Recruitment Resourcer

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