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Employer Testimonials

We are a firm advocate of an apprenticeship scheme and believe on the job training and an outside expert providing a recognised qualification supports the growth of our staff, company, and community. We have used other providers in the past with mixed results. We were first introduced to Davidson as a recommendation from another local business. From the start we found Lorraine to be helpful, straightforward, informative but very easy to work with. Yes, there is paperwork and process to go through, but Davidson make it far easier than other companies used. When it came to setting up the government accounts (more complications but compulsory) they did as much as they could to help, minimise the form filling I had to do and always there to answer any questions. The actual training is fantastic. Chloe is excellent at communicating with me how trainees are progressing and what I can do to help, and the individuals trained by her not only learn but really enjoy the process and find her to be supportive and informative without feeling like they are back at school. I now have several staff on permanent full-time contracts that are integral to my teams that are here because of the part Davidson training have played in their development. Would happily recommend using them, I currently have several new starters with them, and 2 experienced staff completing a higher-level qualification and will use them again and again as the results are there and they are easy to work with.

Nick Silvester

Associate Director

Kings Hill Properties Ltd, Kent

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